Curt Green
Dana Green

Rev. Curt Green

Pastor/OK District Superintendent

Dana Green

Pastor’s Wife/Oklahoma District Ladies President

After attending Texas Bible College and University of Texas, Bro. Green gave 13 years of service to the Houston Fire Department as a paramedic. He has preached many places all over America where the saints of God distinctively remember his messages.

He is currently pastoring First Pentecostal Church of Yukon, OK and additionally pastored Apostolic Believers’ Tabernacle in Woodward, OK until January 2011 when God sent someone else. He is the oldest of 5 sons born to Rev. & Mrs. Jerry Green who have been pastoring in Porter, Texas since 1971. He is the proud father of Jared, Jason and Laurel.

He is happily married to Sis. Dana Green who helps him in every aspect of his ministry and life.As having been a pastor’s daughter from birth and now a pastor’s wife, Sis. Green has a lifetime of involvement in the ministry

After graduating from McNeese State University, she embarked upon a 20-year career as a paralegal and has worked for large firms, attorneys, judges and a Louisiana Supreme Court Justice. Currently, she tends to Bro. Green, Jared, Jason, Laurel and the people in their business, she is still willing and looking forward to “marching on” with the ladies of the Oklahoma ALJC Women’s Esprit as president.

Dana Green serves FPC as Pastor’s Wife, Women’s Esprit Ministries and Music Ministry. She additionally serves as the Oklahoma District Women’s Esprit President since 2009 and is the National Women’s Esprit Secretary.

She is married to Pastor Curt Green, who is the ALJC Oklahoma District Superintendent. Dana graduated from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana and was a paralegal for 20+ years. She has a range of experience from campaign manager for a Louisiana Supreme Court Justice to trial paralegal for a large law firm in Houston, Texas.

Additionally, she is also the President of a private company. Dana is the daughter of the late Rev. Charles Cooper of Pitkin, Louisiana and Mrs. M. C. (LouAnn) Green of Leesville, Louisiana. Her in-laws are Rev. Jerry and Barbara Green have pastored in Porter, Texas since 1971. Together with her husband, she is the proud parent of Jared, Jason and Laurel. With all of her personal accomplishments, Dana’s work for God and His Kingdom is where her true passion lies.

Our Valuable Team Members

Shannon Rachal

Pastoral Assistant

Jeremy Boothe

Children’s Ministry Director

Bro. Rachal brings much strength to the staff at FPC. Having been greatly influenced by his grandfather, Bro. Shannon Rachal was taught loyalty in a great way. He currently serves as the Pastoral Assistant to Pastor Green, ministering in his absence, handling various affairs of the church including administrative matters. He gives unselfishly of his time and money to the kingdom of God. In addition to his love of the Lord and Pastor Green, he is a phenomenal father to Morgan,Monica and Marissa.

Jeremy Boothe brings to the staff of FPC Yukon a lot of experience and talent. Being a 4th generation Pentecostal from Houston, Texas, he has grown up learning the ways to lead people. He is valued in Children’s Ministry, Sunday School Ministry, Sound and Media, Electrician, as well as many other areas of influence and expertise. Outside of church, he is an engineer with Halliburton. In addition to his love of God and the things of God, he loves and cherishes his great wife, Julie, and two sons, Jayce and Jaxton.